Dr. Julie

Perhaps a bit of a perfectionist, Dr. Julie is particularly passionate about pets and paddling.

Even with extensive experience, she is earnestly eager about education. She endeavors to enlighten clients and excel at earning even more excellent erudition.

She strives for superior surgical skills and systematically searches for a specific diagnosis so she can restore your special Shorthair, Siamese, Scottie or Springer Spaniel to his standard health status.

Laboriously learning laparoscopy, she can spay your Labradoodle laparoscopically leaving less pain for your little loved one.

Keeping cool, Dr. Julie craves kayaking in her spare time. Loving languid lakes, she seakayaks for leisure and really relishes racing her red kayak. She sometimes surfs the Superior or Michigan seas, and even ekes out some exercise at her endeavor.

Certified Veterinary Technicians


Abby has been caring for animals since she was a young child. Growing up, she raised and showed guinea pigs across the nation. At the peak of her guinea pig showing career, Abby was caring for over 100 guinea pigs! She won numerous awards including the Youth National Champion award with her guinea pig Pinky. Although she has a long history with the guinea pigs, Abby thinks that dogs are the perfect pets. She envies dogs because no matter what life throws at them they find a way to be content and happy with their circumstances. Abby has two sons, two dogs, and three cats.

In her free time, Abby enjoys gardening, cooking, fishing, and reading. Abby frequents the library and prefers reading books in the genres of supernatural/horror, fantasy, and science fiction by authors such as Stephen King, Terry Brooks and “author guy” Christopher Moore. If she could take any fictional character out on a date, she would pick none other than Edward Cullen, from the Twilight Series. Abby has over 13 years of veterinary experience and serves as Maple Knoll’s lead Certified Veterinary Technician. Abby’s favorite part of her job (aside from seeing puppies and kittens, of course) is client education. She loves helping our client’s learn more about how to keep their pets healthy.


Steph was born and raised in Beaver Dam, and has spent the last 10 years living in the Ripon area. After graduating from Ripon College with a bachelor’s degree in American history, she spent several years working in the service industry. In 2015 she decided to go back to school with a focus in the veterinary field, and graduated from Globe University 18 months later with her degree in Veterinary Technology.

She lives in Fairwater with her boyfriend, Keith, where they enjoy summers riding motorcycle and winters waiting for bike season to start again. They are the proud parents of a very rambunctious dog named Marley, who spends as much time getting into trouble as he does snuggling to make up for it. If she had her way, they’d have a dozen more just like him.

Veterinary Assistants


Michelle and her husband, Allen, have two boys, Christopher and Collin, along with 3 dogs, 5 cats, 3 horses, 1 rabbit, and 9 rats that she uses for breeding. The first thing she does when she wakes up each morning is take care of her many pets. If you haven’t guess already, Michelle loves all animals, big and small. She says that the perfect pet would be as smart as a rat, but large and strong like a horse. Michelle is a country girl and her dream vacation destination is her own home where she is truly able to relax.

Michelle has been working as a Veterinary Assistant for Maple Knoll for over 7 years and she is the clinic’s fitness guru. She is dedicated to health both in her work and her personal life. She always has great suggestions for killer work outs, healthy meal plans, and inspirational help for the staff and clients at Maple Knoll. Although 99% of the time Michelle is health conscious, she admits that she could never live without ice cream!