Dr. Julie

Perhaps a bit of a perfectionist, Dr. Julie is particularly passionate about pets and paddling.

Even with extensive experience, she is earnestly eager about education. She endeavors to enlighten clients and excel at earning even more excellent erudition.

She strives for superior surgical skills and systematically searches for a specific diagnosis so she can restore your special Shorthair, Siamese, Scottie or Springer Spaniel to his standard health status.

Laboriously learning laparoscopy, she can spay your Labradoodle laparoscopically leaving less pain for your little loved one.

Keeping cool, Dr. Julie craves kayaking in her spare time. Loving languid lakes, she seakayaks for leisure and really relishes racing her red kayak. She sometimes surfs the Superior or Michigan seas, and even ekes out some exercise at her endeavor.

Heather – Manager

Heather currently lives in Markesan with her husband, Glen and their two children, Hunter and Gunner. She also has six fur children as well, Remi, Charlie, Lolo, Henry, Quinn and Emit.

Growing up in Oak Creek, WI, Heather has a background in Health Care, Business Management, and Law that is where she spent most of her career. Heather had always been an animal lover, having mostly small animals her entire life. She had a lifelong dream to work with animals and to have the ability to help make a difference. When she came across the ad for Veterinary Practice Manager she shortly after realized her dream became a reality. She was able to take all of her skills and put them to use while living her dream and helping to make a difference. “Being able to be part of Maple Knolls Veterinary talented Team and working with Dr. Julie Johnson has been an honor”.

In her free time, Heather enjoys spending time with her family, camping, and enjoying many outdoor activities.

Mercedes- Customer Care Specialist

Mercedes currently lives in Waupun with her two children Aliviyah (6) & Armahni (1).

For the time being, they have one cat named Tux. Mercedes has always had a passion for animals and their well-being and is grateful to be able to work with such a devoted and loving team of people that share the same enthusiasm!

In Mercedes’s free time, she likes spending time with family, traveling, and various activities outside especially with warm weather!

Sheri – Veterinary Technician

Sheri and her husband Todd live on a hobby farm in the Town of Ripon. They have three grown daughters; Megan, Stephanie and Rachel. The farm has been home to many animals; a miniature horse, goats, chickens, ducks, cats, dogs, guinea pigs, love birds, and rabbits. Sheri was the 4H leader for 12 years while the girls raised and showed Satin rabbits locally and nationally. She has always cared for animals from a young age. Sheri fell in love with the Pembroke Corgi dog breed. She has raised several over the years, even getting into the show ring and obedience training. She earned her Veterinary Technician degree from MATC in Madison.

Sheri enjoys the wildlife around the farm. Daily visitors include dear, turkeys, sandhill cranes, geese, and a variety of birds. She enjoys crafting in her spare time. Projects include knitting, crocheting, quilting/sewing and soap making. She attends fall craft fairs where she can share her creations. Spending time with family is also important to her. The family enjoys attending sporting events, traveling, watching movies, puzzles, and board games.

Kim – Veterinary Technician

Bio & Photo Coming Soon!

Elizabeth – Veterinary Assistant

Elizabeth joins the Maple Knoll team after receiving her BS in wildlife ecology research and management and working with captive wildlife for four years. She brings her passion for the welfare of animals and a wide knowledge base. She is currently attending MATC to become a certified veterinary technician in 2021.

In Elizabeth’s downtime she enjoys visiting local boutiques and wineries, birding, going for motorcycle riders, and hiking. She loves spending time outdoors, especially if she can work on honing her bird and plant identification skills.

When at home, you can find Elizabeth snuggled up with her two large lap dogs, Captain (black lab) and Bailee (German shepherd).

Michelle – Veterinary Assistant

Michelle and her husband, Allen, have two boys, Christopher and Collin, along with 3 dogs, 5 cats, 3 horses, 1 rabbit, and 9 rats that she uses for breeding. The first thing she does when she wakes up each morning is take care of her many pets. If you haven’t guess already, Michelle loves all animals, big and small. She says that the perfect pet would be as smart as a rat, but large and strong like a horse. Michelle is a country girl and her dream vacation destination is her own home where she is truly able to relax.

Michelle has been working as a Veterinary Assistant for Maple Knoll for over 7 years and she is the clinic’s fitness guru. She is dedicated to health both in her work and her personal life. She always has great suggestions for killer workouts, healthy meal plans, and inspirational help for the staff and clients at Maple Knoll. Although 99% of the time Michelle is health-conscious, she admits that she could never live without ice cream!

Mikayla – Veterinary Assistant/Customer Care

Mikayla currently lives in Markesan with her boyfriend, Hunter, and family. Along with their fur babies, Quinn (Lab), Henry (Lab), Remmy (Lab), Charlie (Lab), Lolo (German Shorthair Pointer), and Emit (Cat).

Growing up in Oak Creek, WI, Mikayla has always had outstanding love for animals, having a grandma who was a breeder for Labs, she was always around dogs.

Given her love for animals, she jumped on the opportunity to give a hand at Maple Knoll. Being a part of a loving team and having the ability to help animals get better and maintain their health while they continue out their life, is a perfect fit!

In her free time, Mikayla enjoys traveling, spending time outdoors, when it is not too cold, watching all sorts of movies, and spending time with her pets and family.

Kate – Veterinary Support

Kate currently lives in Beaver Dam with her husband, Lonnie, and their three children, Azzy, Ashley, and Dylan. Along with fur babies Kodi, Marshall, and Maybel.

Growing up in Verona, WI, Kate was always an animal lover, having had many varieties of pets throughout her life including, dogs, cats, rabbits, turtles, a snake, cockatiels, and guinea pigs.
She has always wanted to be able to work with animals and fulfilled that dream three years ago while working at a local shelter. When the opportunity came to work at a veterinary office arose
she jumped at it. Being able to be part of a team that works to help animals get better and maintain their health is wonderful.

In her free time, Kate enjoys spending time with her family, reading true crime and mystery novels, and watching all kinds of documentaries.