“Imaging” including x-rays and ultrasound often can help us determine the problem so that a diagnosis and treatment plan can be made.

Radiology (X-rays)

With our new digital x-ray system, better quality x-rays are obtained.

  • X-rays are not painful
  • Can usually be done with little or no anesthesia
  • Aid in diagnosing many conditions for many conditions including fractures, intestinal disease, heart disease, pneumonia, pregnancy bladder and kidney disease and many, many more.


  • Non-invasive diagnostic tool .
  • Permits early detection of pregnancy and fetal monitoring later in gestation
  • Often better than x-rays for diagnosing many conditions

Ultrasound is another non-invasive diagnostic tool that we have at Maple Knoll Veterinary Clinic. It is useful in imaging pregnancy, organs in the abdomen including the liver, spleen and bladder and helps with sterile urine collection via cystocentisis.