Minimally invasive surgery and diagnostics are used whenever possible in people.

At Maple Knoll Veterinary Clinic, we use the same technology to offer your pets the latest advancements in surgery and procedures.

The laparoscopic spay utilizes a small camera to visualize the organs and a specialized cautery instrument to avoid the tearing which is done in the traditional spay. For more information on laparoscopic spays check out this video:

We also recommend the preventative gastropexy to prevent bloat in deep chested dogs.

Endoscopy is direct viewing different hollow organs using a special camera. Each organ has it’s own name. For example:

Otoscopy is looking inside the ear. This view show inflamed ear canal and wax (orange).

Laryngoscopy is looking at the larynx in back of the throat.

Laparoscopy, showing the stomach and liver.

Laparoscopic spay showing the ovary upper right and kidney lower left.

Rhinoscopy, endoscopy of the nose.